Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Governmental Interference

My husband is addicted to CNN lately - solely because of the unrest in Iran. He's a bit of a newshound anyway, but he seems determined that nothing should happen without his viewing it in the evenings (the days were overtaken by the PGA US Open Championship). And I must admit that the events in Iran have been interesting, frightening, and living up to the old Chinese curse of "may you live in interesting times". One of the major images to come through in the past few days of violence was the shooting and death of a young woman - Neda. Her death, recorded on cell phone videos and sent throughout the world within minutes, also generated art because art is a form of immortality. So Neda now exists as a poster and her name will not be forgotten. (I searched for the exact image I wanted, but was unable to find it. Therefore, I post this instead.)
And my time is slipping away from me, so I'll have to cut short today. Tomorrow I go around town getting the last supplies that I need for my MCWC charms. Hopefully I'll have something wonderful to share within the next few days :-) Live a creative life today - remember Neda.

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