Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Laid Plans.....

Well, Sunday was supposed to be a day for photography for me. That barely happened, but here's what did....
Early Sunday morning I woke with enough time to get my DH to McDonald's for breakfast, etc. Since my car battery had died the previous day, we took his car. The key has been sticking in his ignition, and he had to fight again to get it out at McDonald's, but he got it out and we had breakfast and then went on to Target. After purchasing food and personal care items (shampoo, tooth flossing tape, etc) at Target, we unloaded things at home. One of the things we had purchased were No Name Steaks for his Dad for a Father's Day gift. I wrapped those (in newspaper - the best wrapping paper - LOL) and we were off to the local drug store to pick up a greeting card and the newspaper. But here is where plans fell apart. The key would not release from the lock. After fighting with it for 30 minutes (the steaks were starting to defrost), I phoned AAA and arranged for a tow. My DH walked back home to get my car and I waited for the tow truck. As of this morning, my car will do double-duty, his car is at the service station waiting for them to open at 8am and replace the lock cylinder, and I'm hoping that they can. This little episode, however, cut a major chunk into my day.
I did have a wonderful Dick Blick's art supplies coupon to use up, so after the car was dropped off, we went art supply shopping. I got some wonderful things to play with and saved almost 1/3 off the total price with my preferred discount and the coupon. Oh happy day!
And, I did get one item photographed. This is my finished piece for the 2010 Beading For A Cure auctions. The bottom pendant can be suspended from the clasp (as in the picture) or strung onto the beaded portion, or removed completely, depending on what the wearer prefers for that day. I'm just happy to have this finished so that I can focus on my charms for Metal Clay World. Tick, tick.....time is running out.

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