Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gifts and Solstice

I love giving gifts to others - even virtual ones. I've been busy over the past two days giving virtual gifts to all of my Super Poke Pet friends. I've got almost 400 of them, so it takes a while. But it is one way of my celebrating Solstice with many people, and I think it's worth the extra time that it takes to brighten the lives of others. So, I am happily playing Solstice frog and depositing small plants to celebrate the next season of life. I plan to spend Solstice doing various errands and some photography that has to be finished ASAP. Maybe I'll have an opportunity to catch up on some other photography. And I can tell that every spare minute over the next few weeks will be spent with Photoshop, massaging my photos into something nice to look at and that will work well for screen viewing.
I started work, quite quickly, on my charms yesterday as well. I am thinking about making small tornado charms for the Metal Clay World charm swap. I have my new copper clay to use, and I want to enamel these as well. I've got three weeks to get these nailed. Why am I always tight on time......? Tick, tick...tempus fugit. - LOL. Well, I've always said that I create better under pressure....

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