Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Pushing Boundaries Again...

Apparently I'm an enigma. Or at least am pushing boundaries. I went to see the bone doctor yesterday morning. First his PA poked his head into the room to tell me that the doctor would be there in a few minutes. He looked closer at me and asked:

"Where's your sling? Did you not get one?"

"At home", I answered. "I wore it for about 20 minutes, took it off, and I haven't put it back on since. It gets in my way."

He shook his head, left the room, and shortly afterwards the doctor arrived.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Pxxxx. Where is your sling? Did we forget to get one for you?"

"No, I have one. It's in my drawer at home. It just doesn't work with my lifestyle."

Looks of disbelief cross his face. "But you broke your elbow. In fact, you broke TWO bones."

"Yes.....?" said I, wondering what the point was to this dialog.

Apparently I will live, even though I am not wearing my sling. In fact, because I have been working my arm as much as I could, he said that PT wise I'm "in the advanced class" and, if I keep on working things slowly but firmly, I might regain as much as 95% of my arm function. My personal goal is to regain 99%. We'll see... I return to see him again after MCWC, so I can now concentrate on the conference and worry about my arm later.
After a few errands I returned home. I had decided to make my charms for MCWC out of the new Copper Clay. I sat down, punched out lots of charms (used almost all of 200 grams of Copper Clay) and today I'll start to refine them. I want to get them fired on Sunday so that I can start the enameling next Wednesday. I want to use sifting as well as painting to do these, so I'll be trying out some more new techniques to get these finished. I think it'll be a lot of fun and I only hope that the firing will actually work :-))

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