Friday, June 26, 2009

ROP Michael Jackson

Talking about my cousin will have to wait until tomorrow because of the death of Michael Jackson. I know that all of the media are all over this story. So why am I jumping onto this overcrowded wagon to speak about someone who was, decidedly, creepy and odd in his last 10+ years? Several reasons.
First of all, it gives me great joy to be thinking about Elvis confronting MJ about his marriage with Lisa Marie. It was a strange marriage, an unusual (and rather icky) relationship, and I still can't figure out why either of them did it. But they did, and they are linked in their histories now. So would Elvis have been happy about this - probably not. But I'm sure he's liking the opportunity to confront MJ face-to-face, so to speak. But secondly, and far more importantly, a huge creative force has left this world. This leaves a vaccuum that can be filled by the creative leanings of others. But in this single person, Michael Jackson, the creativity of the entertainer found fertile ground. A consumate vocalist, choreographer, and composer, Michael Jackson entertained the world for many years through his unique voice and talent. He will still be heard through recordings and videos, but new material won't be forthcoming. So even if you don't like MJ, take a short break today to mourn this loss of creative flow from the river of the world. This loss will be felt for many years yet to come.

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