Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrolls and Praise

I have determined that I do not draw scrolls well. Why, you might ask, do I care about drawing scrolls? Well, the embroidery on my cloak should have overlapping scrolls in the bottom corners and the collar tips, and climbing scrolls up the center front. I brought my french curves to Milwaukee with me and did a rather uninspired scroll on my test fabric to practice my ribbon roses. The roses turned out really well, even though I was in serious pain that day. But the scroll was boring. So I've pulled out design books to help me with this. It's rather amazing how much research I'm having to do to get this part accomplished (in between working out the charm design for Metal Clay World and doing the final wirework for my BFAC piece). All of these items have a July 15 deadline. Deadlines usually help me focus, I'm going to hope that I find a solution to my scroll problem soon because the clock is a'tickin'.
It's nice to get the occasional positive stroke. It's something that I don't get in my home life very frequently. I rely on friends and E-friends to give me the positive feedback that keeps me creating. I received a wonderful compliment from a dear friend in an Email this morning. It brought me close to tears - that anyone could think so kindly of my personal creativity to tell me directly. Thank you. You truly have no idea how much your short Email meant to me today. The wind is back in my sails for a few days.

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