Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Well, we didn't go to Twig (not unexpected), and Jim took his anger and frustration out on some trees. We have been cutting down weed trees so that we can get our private jungle a bit more under control. Since he refused any offer of assistance from me, I decided to get some work done that I needed. After a quick trip to Home Depot (there's just something wonderful about a hardware store), I pulled out my pressure washer, electrical cord and the hose and began washing down my siding. It was a perfect day for it - in the mid-80's, partly cloudy, no rain in the forecast. I got wet and dirty, and the siding got wet and clean. My arm got lots of exercise, and all-in-all, I was very pleased.

We followed our respective work assignments with salads and drinks at TGIFridays, then returned home. I went back to my computer and DH fell asleep watching the basketball game. He woke up to watch Expedition Africa, a show that has been quite interesting over the weeks that it's been on. I watched Ice Road Truckers and joined him for Expedition. What does any of this have to do with creativity? Cleaning the house gave me lots of time to think about future projects. Also, working with the pressure wand allowed me to try some drawing without messing with paper and pencil - air drawing, in essence. No great shakes, but I did work out a couple of minor problems that I was facing in my next project down the road. Sometimes working on something that will not take conscious thought will allow the creative thoughts to take over. Similar thought passages can happen when washing the dishes, vacuuming the house or washing the windows. You can get dual benefit from housecleaning - a cleaner house and a more creative mind.

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