Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late and Explanation

I'm really late posting today. But I have excellent reasons.

Reason #1 - When I awoke this morning and went to get on-line at 3:45 am, I was unable to establish an internet connection. My network was down. After trying a variety of standard operating procedural things to get things back up and running, I finally gave up and called Comcast. I'm a business customer, not a residential one, so I get really good, fast service. After it was determined that there was no signal coming from my modem and that it couldn't be jump started on their end, a service call was entered for me. The the tech would have been here at 8am, but I had a business meeting across town at that time. So I set it up for 9:30 am instead.

The tech did get here at 10:15 am - not too bad, all things considered. It turns out that lots of things were problematical. But he replaced a bunch of cables with newer versions, eliminated a lot of noise on the line, and got everything back up and running in record time - really nice guy too. So I'm back up and running now.
Reason #2 - While the Tech was here, I received a phone call from my clinic. I had fallen on the 6th of June while at Bead & Button and had hurt my right arm quite badly. I went to the clinic on the 12th because I do have osteoperosis, and I was concerned that I might have broken something because things were still hurting me a lot, especially overnight. The doctor took X-rays and prescribed pain pills, but he didn't see anything. He did leave the film for the Radiologist to look over. Well, the Radiologist determined that I have a "radial head impacted fracture" in my right arm. Now I have an appointment with an Orthopaedic man next Wednesday and will find out how badly I've been injuring it since I broke it since I've pretty much been using the arm as much as possible for days now. But at least it explains why I'm in so much pain. It's nice to have a real excuse :-)
My BFAC project is in front of me. The necklace is finished, but the centerpiece still needs wire work. The problem is that the process of weaving the wire in the pattern I'm doing hurts my arm. So I'm really slowed down. But I'll get it done. Now I only hope I'll get my charms done in time for Metal Clay World. I promise I'll post a picture of my BFAC piece when I get a chance to photo it this weekend.

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