Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movies and Completion

To start with - completion. My BFAC project is finally finished. Even though I'm not crazy about the wirework that I did for the focal piece, I'm unwilling to put any additional time into it. The necklace itself is good. I'll try and get photos on Sunday and I'll post one then so that you can see what I ended up with.

Movies...well, I went to see "UP" with friends last night. It's the newest Disney/Pixar production and is done in digital 3-D. Everyone was given specific 3-D glasses when they purchased their tickets. Many of the previews were also in digital 3-D, so we wore the glasses over our corrective lenses for most of two hours. The glasses, instead of being red/blue as previous 3-D glasses have been, are extremely small bi-color bits in each lens that make for a much finer focus. It's really nicely done and the movie is a most definite "Thumbs Up" from all of us. It's always fun to have a kid's movie that adults can enjoy equally. At least 90% of the people in the audience last night were adults and we all seemed to love it. I cried, I laughed, it was all good! (I only cried because I am a sentimental fool, but I also cry at sad stories and lots of movies, so it wasn't unusual, just unexpected.) If you get a chance to see this movie - take it! Go and see "Up". ...Now to figure out how to get those balloons and bright colors onto my enamel work........

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