Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Snow....

Winter has finally arrived. We've been getting snow - not large snowfalls, but several 1 inch-3 inch snowfalls. The kind that aren't a pain to shovel but that make the area look clean, pristine, and absolutely sparkling. Now I just need a few days of blue sky and sunshine to really pull off this "winter" thing :-) But I think we'll have a few more days of grey skies, clouds and more snow first. I suspect that the wonder of the new season will get old rather quickly.

I picked up some Linseed Oil at the art supply store yesterday. I have hopes that this will allow me to handle the enamel oil paints with more ease. There is a series that I've wanted to do in a combination of painting and cloisonne for a while, I don't know if the oil or the watercolor paints will work better for this use. I only know that the oils, as they currently are, simply don't work well for my current applications.

And I've been dreaming enamel. Not a specific project, but the actions of enamelling. Standing close to the fire with a disk in my hand ready to be put into the heat. I guess I love the action of enamel as well as the metalworking necessary to make something wonderful. I only hope the current project turns out wonderful - I'm running out of time for this Holiday!

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