Monday, December 1, 2008

Decisions, Books and Arts

Well, it was a nice weekend. DH and I played LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) for several hours, working on getting a couple of characters up in levels. We ate pasta on Saturday (the usual wonderful pasta from Bascalli's) and the last of the turkey on Sunday. "They" (the ubiquitous "they") say that turkey should be eaten within three days of Thanksgiving or put into the freezer. I prefer to just eat it and end it. I think I'm turkeyed out for several more months and think I'll do ham for Christmas instead. But it was very good, and actually healthy (although the amounts DH and I ate maybe were over the "healthy" mark).

I am looking forward to putting my kiln into my car on Tuesday and bringing it home so that I can get some serious work done on Wednesday while I'm home. I'm trying to think of the best place to place it so that I can work easily and still contain the heat that it normally generates. I don't have a real secure and non-shaky metal item/rack/shelf to place it on that also has good lighting. Normally I would put it onto the chest freezer - I use that space for my electroforming, my dehydrator for my metal clay work, and for my toaster oven for any resin enameling or mass image transferring for my etching work. I know it will handle the weight of the kiln without a problem. I'm just not sure about the heat, and the lighting isn't great right there. But it may be the best choice. I'll contemplate it a bit more today.

And last night I had fun with decisions. I've got my head deep in a book (actually some fan fiction that I am really loving). I had a choice - do I spend the calories for a piece of pumpkin pie that I really don't want, or have a glass of wine that I've been wanting for several days. Wine won out. I'm pleased with the choice and may have some more tonite :-) Have a wonderful Monday - think artistically.

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