Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time....I Need More Time....

It is December 2nd. I have approximately 20 days to get the last things ready for gifting for the holiday season. For many of you that might be Christmas, for me it is Solstice, but either way, time is running out. So, tonight I will pick up my kiln and tomorrow I will grab the projects and enamels and I will work at the kiln at home on Wednesday in the hopes that I can get more projects finished. The inconvenience is that I won't have my pickle, and I won't have my drill. So if I need anything drilled I will have to make sure it is done before I leave for my studion on Wednesday morning. I need to get some quick earrings enameled, I also need to continue work on my DH's enamel work. Will I have everything finished in time for Solstice? Probably not. But I'll have given it my best shot and that's really all that I can ask for.

Go forth, create, brave the shopping lines if necessary, while I sit at home, read fan fiction with a nice glass of wine, and hope for Barnes & Noble gift cards (or Amazon gift cards) for the holidays. I'm SO easy - LOL. Have a great Tuesday.

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