Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Weekend Looms

One of the better things about the weekend is that most people get it off. The bad thing about owning and operating a retail store is that I don't. Get the days off, I mean. I always work on Saturdays - always. In fact, since they are usually our busiest days of the week, we don't allow employees to have Saturdays off very frequently. But, at this wonderful time of the year when everyone is caught up in the "lets just put this perfect gift on the credit card and pay for it next year" syndrome, I also have to work on Sundays. Ick!!! That's a serious cut into my relaxation and decompression time. I am grateful that I only have to do this until Christmas - I would much rather be able to sleep in on Sundays without setting my alarm clock.

I pulled out my "Classical Loop-In-Loop Chains & Their Derivatives" book by Stark and Smith this morning. I have that wonderful skull that I electroformed for my DH for his holiday gift, but it needs a chain. So, during this next week, I need to get some soldered jumprings made from some copper and start doing a chain for the pendant. I also need to get going on some more enamel pieces for a few quick earrings as gifts, and I got some oil enamel paints last week to try painting the other medallion that I wanted to make for my DH. I know I'll end up spending a little bit of money this holiday, but I'm really trying hard to hold the limits and keep to a very small budget. Time to make a list, check it twice, and assign gifts - something that's actually a lot of fun for me to do.

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