Friday, November 21, 2008


Fridays, although nice, usually don't mean that much to me. After all, I work on Saturdays, and at this time of the year I also work on Sundays. My Wednesday studio days mean more to me than Friday. BUT....this week I'm happy to see Friday come. Why? Because of the stupid stock market. OK, how unexciting and unartistic can I be? But right now the economy is tanking, my funds have disappeared into whiffs of smoke, and it's really hard to be optimistic about the holiday season when people just don't have money. It is a great time to make hand-made gifts, and we are getting people who are doing just that. But the general mood of malaise has hit all of us and it's hard to be happy, excited, and a great salesperson when you would rather crawl under a rock and wake up next year.

Everyone handles stress differently. My poor DH gets physically ill. He has a constant upset stomach, vomits a lot, and can't find enjoyment in anything. I try harder to keep things upbeat by looking at the sunrise with joy, working at my crafts as I can, and reading lots of stories on that relate to areas of my personal interest. When I was young, I would grab a book on a rainy or snowy afternoon, dive into it, and be called back from the other realm for dinner - having not moved for hours and hours. I am delighted that I can still do that - just wish I had the time and the lack of daily cares - to allow myself to indulge in several days of non-stop reading and immersion. I think my way to handle stress is a bit healthier than that of my poor DH.

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