Saturday, November 8, 2008


It occurs to me that I haven't spoken about my personal work in a while. I did get several pairs of earrings ready for final assembly on Wednesday. I need to redrill the holes, drill a couple of other holes, attach Swarovski crystals (because flash is absolutely necessary) and put on the earwires. I'm trying out a new style of earwire and have been figuring out the exact configuration, weight of the wire, and whether or not I need to use a different metal. I think I'll probably go with copper or silver for the metal, although I also have some aluminum that might work well. That's the final step, so I'll finish these off next week.

Pathways are always worth the journey.
Take that first step and don't look back.

I have BronzClay for my pagoda drying. I'm not sure it will come through firing well, and I have other pieces that I need to cut to fit and assemble, so this one is still in process before it can hit the kiln.

I finished the painting for my skulls and got the banana plugs attached to my cable. On Wednesday I will fire up the rectifier and start electroforming on the skulls. I really hope that this works - the guy at Home Depot who helped me with the electronics thought that electroforming skulls was simply the kewlest thing he had heard of in a long time. It made my day that he was so chuffed over my little project :-)

And I did the basting over 3/4 of my cape with the other 1/4 to be tackled one evening this coming week. I am still fighting the neckline so that the cape closes properly and has a good neckline to attach the hood to. I do have some patterns that I can also check to see how they deal with it. But I'm really winging this one on my own.

Lately my head is full of enamel, so I'll probably put my clay aside for a little time to get some holiday gifts made up with my enamel instead. And there are still the two series that I want to make with enamel and Lord of the Rings for myself. There simply is never enough time.

Only positive thoughts are allowed into my life for our first snowy day :-))

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