Friday, November 7, 2008

Opera Anyone?

I was raised in an artistic home. My mother, who I spoke about earlier in this blog, was very artistic. My father was into music and theatre. His true love was opera. Although he was a Wagner and Mozart fanatic, I think he would have enjoyed the latest marketing campaign from the Deutsche Opera Berlin promoting their 2008-2009 season. Using the basic premise of making opera exciting for the "common" man, they hired German supermodel Nadja Auermann to pose for the central characters in the four operas of the season. Here's what they came up with.

Carmen - I remember my aunt telling me about Carmen when I was quite young. She went through the death of Carmen and taught me about how the prop knife folded the blade into the handle so that it appeared to disappear into her body. Such are the things that eight-year-olds remember - LOL.

Helen - The title character of Helen of Troy in the opera The Egyptian Helen. I haven't heard this opera, but it's been performed for quite a while so it should be a nice draw. I'm not sure about the helmet, but I adore the vessels at her feet and her gown.

Venus - Well, although Tannhauser wasn't one of Dad's favorite Wagner operas (he was a fan of the Ring cycle and the Flying Dutchman), he still had the album and the libretto and listened to it on occasion. And who wouldn't want to with someone that attractive hiding among the vegetation?

Turandot - Puccini is one of the quintessinal operatic composers and Turandot is quite well known. It seems to me, looking over the list, that the Berlin Opera has a nice line-up for the 2008-09 season. Wish I was closer (and had a bit more money). I'd try and get some tickets. Unfortunately, I suspect that the actual singers won't look as good as Nadja :-))

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