Monday, November 10, 2008

Good, Bad & Ugly

The good - I found some great Tolkien spin-offs and histories on (or perhaps .net?). Had a great time reading some of them - enough that I didn't get any of my web work done yesterday.

Bad - It was a day of mis-communication and the understanding that my partner and I simply don't see the same goals for the business. Am I totally selfish for wanting to focus on my personal growth? Maybe. But that's where I need to be right now and I don't see that I'm getting a lot of support from someone who is supposed to support me. So things are a bit rocky right now .

Ugly - I finished three pairs of BC earrings and drilled the holes for the bottom dangles. After working on them for a couple of minutes on Sunday, I realized that I drilled the holes WAY too far into the interior of the earring. I will have to work out a method of camouflage for this and redrill holes closer to the edge for the dangles or things will really look crappy. I had really hoped to be finished with the earrings, instead I have a couple of days worth of work still to do.

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