Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Production Envy

I have production envy. I look at what other artists are able to produce for sale or in their "off" time and they are making scads of stuff. Simply SCADS of stuff. And then there's me. Even with things that should be quick and easy, I only have 1-2 hours every 2-3 days to work on things so I get a small amount of things actually finished. Today will be another day like that - although I hope that things will at least progress to the point that I won't mind wasting my Turkey Day (tomorrow) with playing Lord of the Rings Online with my DH and cooking my turkey.
I'm going to start today at one of my favorite places, Continental Clay in Minneapolis. I want some overglaze paints for my enamel. I've been trying the powdered pigments in my enamel paints, and I simply don't like them. I can't get a good consistency, it burns out WAY too easily, it just doesn't act the way that I wanted. I thought back onto what Linda Darty (see book above) had available for us to borrow when I was in her Master Class at Revere Jewelry Academy in April of this year. Her paints were ceramic paints and they worked really well. I know she said that the brand she used was no longer being made, but I have found a substitute available at Continental Clay that may work for me. They open at 9am.! And if the paints work well I can progress with the portrait for my DH's holiday gift.

I'll have to go into the shop for a few hours this afternoon. Today is the day that we decorate the store for the holiday season. We'll put up the tree, string garland, and make sure that the front window lights are operational. And I'll stay FAR away from the grocery store today - all of those last-minute turkey shoppers can be very intimidating. I don't plan on posting tomorrow - just enjoying a full day off - so I wish everyone a wonderful Turkey Day. Have a safe and happy day with family, friends, and the foods that you love to eat.

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