Monday, November 17, 2008

Middle Earth and Sundays

Only five more Sundays left that I have to work. Although I don't get super busy at the shop on those days, the whole concept of having to be at the shop from noon-4pm really sucks and means that I don't really have down-time. I still have my Wednesdays off, but those are studio days and I usually am very busy on those days. My Sundays were always fairly lazy days - those were the days that we played Lord of the Rings On-Line, went to Dickie Blickie or Barnes & Noble, had drinks at TGIFridays and a relaxing evening. Those things are all nipped in the bud when we have to work. Icky!!! Only five more sundays left that I have to work.

On a happier note - I've been immersed in fan fiction of Middle Earth. The one particular author that I've been reading seems to be from Minnesota - on rare occasions in the explanatory notes that she/he appends to the bottoms of each chapter, are Minnesota references such as referring to the Boundary Waters, our winters, etc. These are stories dealing with the early history - First Age, Second Age. I'm very happy with the amount of research that was done for each chapter. Over time I hope to read most of this person's writings on the topic - there are 24 novels of Middle Earth that she/he has published. It's wonderful to drown in ME again in a Tolkienesque style of writing and with characters and history that I know so well. After all - I've been studying the Tolkien universe for 40+ years myself!

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