Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fighting Time - I Never Win

I'm poor, like so many of you, and I'm making most of my holiday gifts for the season. I'm also cutting down (or completely out in some cases) cash donations that I had made to friends and some distant relatives in the past. I feel sad about having to let some people down, but don't really feel that I have much of a choice. The gifts are going along though. One thing I've been doing is some enamel work. I have a bracelet in the works that should be finished today. If I like it, I'll be able to take the techniques and materials and whip some earrings together for a gift for my sister and a friend or two. The larger project will be for my DH and will be started on this week's studio day. One of the other things that he wanted that I need to figure out is a gold dubloon or a "piece of eight". Anyone have any good photos that they could point me towards for this? I can etch copper or make a photo-polymer plate for metal clay and make him one of these if I have a good photo to work from.

I'm trying to leave for the shop studio and my kiln as early as possible today to wrap things up on my "Playful" bracelet. Hopefully I'll be able to have the kiln on and warming up by 7am so that I can get a couple of firings done and finish the project. Have a great Tuesday!!

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