Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breakfast and Projects

Another studio day and the holidays aren't creeping up - they are racing up. I need to get one more skull into the electroform solution, start the enamel work for a centerpiece pendant for my DH, work on the store newsletter (already two weeks late), and I would be happy if I got some design work done on my cloak. Before I start work at my home studio with all of these things, I need to meet Meghan and Chickie for breakfast, get the silver fused onto my copper disks for the later enamel work with a quick kiln run, and do some banking, renew my auto license for my car, get gas, and buy some furnace filters for the shop. EEEKKKKK!!!! Too much to do. Given my schedule, I'd better try and get the skull into the solution before I leave, and I have to make sure that I have all of my paperwork for my auto license before I leave. To do the little bit of kiln work and still meet everyone by 8am, I have to leave by 6:30am. It's starting to be evident that getting up at 3:30am STILL isn't early enough and that's a serious problem since I don't get away with living on five hours of sleep for long amounts of time without collapsing at some point. This candle has more than two ends that are burning.

Time to get going......

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