Saturday, November 15, 2008

Juicy Lucy

Apparently not everyone is aware of what a Juicy Lucy is. As my friend VerLaine loves to say - it is South Minneapolis' contribution to the culinary world. Curious about the history of a Juicy Lucy? Check out the Wikipedia article here. Anyway....last night we celebrated VerLaine's birthday a few days late by going to a local pub offering their own Juicy Lucy burgers. The Blue Door Pub is a local small eatery close to the shop. It used to be called Puerto Azul (blue door in Spanish for whoever doesn't translate that language ), but was rarely open. They recently change their name, their ownership, their menu and their hours. Now they are open 7 days a week, long hours, and seem (if the crowd from last night is any indication) to be doing very well. The waitstaff were friendly and efficient - no grass growing under their feet! The burgers were good - but I think I'll try a different type the next time I go. The tater tots were amazing - a huge portion, perfectly crispy. I brought the remainder of those home and my DH had a snack. The price was reasonable. It was a fun night - one that I will repeat again.

Can't spend a lot of time on the blog today - I want to get to the shop as early as possible to get some more kiln and enamel work done. It was so fun to get back to the kiln yesterday - but not nearly enough time to play with enamel. I'll probably be doing some enamel at home on Wednesday using the small portable ultralite beehive kiln since there is no way I'll have things finished on time if I don't work at home. The problem with the ultralite is the lack of control on the heat, but I think I'll be OK if I'm careful.

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