Monday, October 27, 2008

Vatican Splendors

Sunday was my last Sunday off from work for the next seven weeks. For the Holiday season, we always stay open for extended holiday hours - so my Sundays hours are noon-4pm. Not a lot of hours, but one additional day of work - ick!!! So my last Sunday was important to me and I ended up with a really nice day - lousy weather, but no arguments :-))

After waking up early for a breakfast at McDonald's (gotta love that Monopoly game - LOL), we dropped by Barnes & Noble books for a hour or so of browsing. Bought a couple of magazines, but they didn't have any books for me this time and the music that I wanted will have to be purchased from the vocal group's website directly. Then, on to the Minnesota History Center for Vatican Splendors. Some of the people in the crowds were a pain, but the exhibit itself was really interesting and we were happy that we went. Then on to TGIFridays for drinks and dinner, and then home for a relaxing evening. A good way to end my Sundays.

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