Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall - no....Winter is Coming!!

I love Fall, it is one of my favorite seasons of the year - maybe my most favorite season because of the colors and the fact that it is harvest time. In older days, when people relied on their own produce to feed them year-round and when they couldn't just go to the grocery store down the street anytime to get more food, Fall was a time of celebration and bounty.

Winter was a season for rationing, repair work around the home and on garments, and staying close to home. Indoor work was planned for winter, as well as preparatory work for the upcoming Spring and Summer. Winter was a time to relax a bit, but it was cold and could also be a time of hunger.

Spring was a time of hope and renewal of life. Many animals give birth in the early Spring - sheep come most specifically to mind since it seems that they always seem to give birth during one of the last snows of the early Spring. But Spring was also a lean time for food - a time when the leaves were just coming out and the produce from the Fall was almost used up. Starvation was still a real possibility.

Summer was a season of extremes - the crops were planted, the berries could be gathered and hunting would bring in needed protein. But, one bad storm could wipe out the crops, as could drought, insects, extreme heat etc. There was a lot of work and a lot of prayers in the summer.

But then came the Fall and all of the previous three seasons were suddenly worthwhile. Harvest time and a time of plenty had arrived again. Fall was the time to gather together with friends and eat those foods that could not be stored for the winter. It was the time to fill the larder for the next seasons and put aside the seed for the next year. It was time to dance. What a great time of the year!!! Enjoy yours to the maximum today :-))

So what brings about this reverie? The fact that this weekend will see our first snow flurries of the season. week is looking to be sunshine and warm temps again, so I guess I'll survive seeing my first flakes.

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