Friday, October 24, 2008


The Fall has truly arrived. The weather has gotten grey and rainy - icky :-( Grey skies are why I could never live in the Pacific Northwest - grey gets me down. I'm stuck in this weather system through the weekend, so I'd better work with some color this morning. I'll get the other headpiece for my "kinetic" piece soldered - the spessartine side gems will be a spash of color around the peridot centerpiece.

The other thing I'm working on at the bench right now are some mink skulls. Yes, mink skulls. I dipped several of them in polyurethane yesterday. Today I want to sand down the drip spots and dip them one more time. They need to be completely coated. Then, next week, I'll paint on the conductive paint and set up the rectifier. I want to electroform at least one of these as a gift for my favorite dwarfish barbarian pirate hubby. Money is tight this year, so I'll be trying to make him as many holiday gifts as I can, and this one has the potential to be fun and right up his alley :-) At least it's worth the try and it will get my rectifier out of the box and set up. That would be very good. If you would be interested in looking at wonderful electroformed work, check out the work of Kate Fowle Meleney.

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