Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sigh - Back to the Grind

Thursday is here. Normally I meet my friend for breakfast, but she's got to take her DH to the eye doctor. So I can get to the studio bench earlier today - not too bad after all - LOL.

Last night I met several members of the Minnesota Metal Clay group to talk about BronzClay with them. I had originally been worried about whether I would be able to talk about the media for 90 minutes. No worries there - we got kicked out at 8pm. I brought LOTS of mistakes - even had small little fired samples for people to take home with them if they wanted. Fortunately, I also had a few good pieces - don't want people thinking that all I make are mistakes :-)) If I get a chance to download the photos I took yesterday, I'll show all of you my "Confetti" earrings tomorrow. I'm trying to get them simplified so that I can do some production work on them and have something that will be inexpensive and fun to sell.

I need to sell some of my work. I keep buying more and more equipment and supplies and need to replace that money somehow. This week I have small gemstones and CZs and a winch coming - yes, a winch. It will work with the seatbelt that I bought from the salvage yard a couple of weeks ago and allow me to set up my drawbench for making tubes from silver and copper. Poor DH thinks I've lost my mind ..... maybe I have ....... WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!!

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