Friday, October 10, 2008

Economy - This so SUCKS!!!

My goal is to retire eventually and make things that I can sell in my "spare" time. But if this economy doesn't improve, that will be a total pipe dream. The crux is that if the Maya are to be believed (and their calendars were pretty darned accurate), the world (this 4th world according to the Hopi), will end within the next few years - 2012 is the year that the Maya give. I would really like to enjoy my next few years doing what I love and traveling. The economy is pretty much guaranteeing that won't happen. I've lost an incredible amount of my personal "play" money since the beginning of the year. I can afford going to Metal Clay World since I've already paid for most of it. But, for the first time the Bead & Button Show is a question mark. I haven't even made my hotel reservations yet, and I know I need to get going on those. This SO sucks!!!!

And, of course, my torch is acting up again. I was getting towards the bottom of a really lousy tank of propane, so when the torch tip sputtered out in the middle of a solder job again, I removed and tossed the tank. I went in search of some new tanks - Menards (like a Home Depot only smaller for those of you not from this area) was totally sold out. Not a tank around. I finally went to my favorite local hardware store and bought their last two tanks. Then, after I made sure that the fittings were fine, I disassembled and started soaking the torch tip. Seriously gunked up again!! So, I got no work done on jewelry, but at least I'll have a clean torch on Friday. And I got my large CZ/gemstone assortment from Gem Resources yesterday. Shirley simply rocks!!! So not all is bad - just enough to make me not happy :-((

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