Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love her Style & Money, Money, Money!!

Although there are many things posted on Daily Art Muse that I don't like, today she had a winner. Melody Armstrong, a metal artist from Canada, is producing some wonderfully made and very innovative jewelry. There are some great items - take a look at this wonderful sterling tube with gemstone...

Such a lovely sense of style that comes out in this. She is a graduate of design school - it makes me wonder what I could have done with my life if it had gone in that direction.

I did have a good day at the bench yesterday - the silver bezel for one project finally came together well. My torch had been acting up, but it worked great yesterday!!! And on the 3rd try, I got the outer bezel for one of my faceted stones done well. (The first time was too large, the 2nd time was too small. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks and the Three Bears - ). So my kinetic project is progressing. I have my lecture on BronzClay tonite for the Minnesota Metal Clay group. I'm looking forward to showing them what I'm doing in the media. And today is Wednesday - studio time and laundry. It's my sanity saver. My DH is screaming about how I am not fiscally conservative and how I'm blowing through money - he has NO idea how much I contribute to household expenses, and what I buy for my craft. My workshops alone usually run $1000-$2000 apiece. Well, I need to start selling my work to make some of the money back, and that's my goal. I wish I had more than one day for studio time each week!!!

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Drea said...

Happy Wednesday, Sandi --
enjoy your studio time! :)