Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday at the Bench

Monday was actually productive - at least before I unlocked the doors for the daily grind :-)) I finished a fun pair of BronzClay earrings featuring Pink Sapphire and resin enamel. The enamel ended up with some bubbles in it, but they actually added to the carefree and happy look of the earrings so I left it rather than redo the enamel. I'll photo them on Wednesday to show everyone.

I also made my first shaped bezel - a pear shape for some large peridot faceted stones that I want in another earring pair. The bezels turned out too large, though, so I'll be cutting them down today and then making the internal bearing for them. It is a learning experience, and fun. I have never made a bearing bezel or a shaped bezel before, so it is good fun. I'll get them to fit properly today. Then it's on to add the next parts to the earring - the tube settings, the overmetal, and the components that will allow the earrings to be kinetic. If this pair turns out, they'll be among the most fun earrings I will have made up to now.

I have 15 people (so far) who RSVPd for my Wednesday night lecture on BronzClay. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone. I'll go through my "rejects" this morning and see if I have enough available to give everyone a small piece of fired clay. I also have a load that fired yesterday and I can't wait to see what turned out on those. Time to get to work on that next project - LOL.

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