Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday!! and Happy Things

Saturday - one of my favorite days. Why?
1) Because I only work until 5pm instead of 6pm
2) Because I have pasta from Bascali's for dinner (happy, happy, happy)
3) Because I can start my day out watching Suzi Orman on CNBC (and yes, it's on at 4am!!!)
4) Because I can sleep in on Sunday morning.
I'm sure there are other reasons also, but these will do. At least do well enough to put a smile on my face.

Several happy things over the past few days.
1) I got my pre-conference registration done for Metal Clay World 2009. I got into Gordon Uyehara's class on BronzClay and Alan Revere's class for design. I'm always trying to do better with my artwork and these two classes will help to fine-tune things for me. Expensive, but worth it.
2) I purchased a new phone for the studio at the shop. I was missing too many phone calls and practically injuring myself running up the stairs to the showroom to be able to answer calls while I was working at the bench. Now, I just have to walk 10 paces away from the bench to get the calls answered. VERY HAPPY!!!
3) I realized how very lucky I am in my friends. I have been having some issues with depression lately. My friends have stepped up to the plate, Emailing me support that was SO important to help me pull through this most recent bout. They have also given me the courage to watch myself carefully and make sure that I don't fall back into the pit. Friends - they are absolutely the BEST medicine in the world!!! Thanks to ALL of you!!!
4) I finally got some photos of the shop after our newest remodel (which, unfortunately, is still going on). But it's starting to look good. I'll get some posted later on when I've had a chance to look at them carefully and decide which photos are good and which should be scrapped.
5) I colored my hair into an autumnal coloring (just for a short time). Although I don't like the shade, I know that red never stays in my hair for long. I expect within 2 weeks or so my hair will be back to blonde - maybe not the platinum that it gets in the summer sun, but blonde. So I'll enjoy this red for a while.

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