Friday, October 17, 2008

Kinetic Crux Day

Today will be a telling day. I'll either succeed in soldering on the small, but crucial parts on Kinetic to allow the final steps, or I'll melt the base and destroy a couple of weeks of work. I'm going to try the bronze solder that I purchased which I haven't tried at all yet. I'm hoping it will act like gold solder instead of silver solder or copper solder. Why? Because gold solder you can concentrate on the seam, but with silver and copper solder you have to make things happen to the entire piece and get much closer to a total melt stage. I really don't want to have to remake the dangle paddles if I don't have to. Be brave........ Remember - torch control .... LOLOL.

And we're swamped at the shop. Although the customer count and dollar amounts are down (a simply reflection of the economy trickling down to affect everyone), we've received several major shipments at the end of last week. I tagged the new Czech 15o Charlotte beads yesterday. These are SO cute and tiny!!! It's too bad they don't have a lot of color selection, but I'm happy.

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