Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gorgeous Glass

My time is limited, so I don't read a lot of blogs on a daily basis. But one that I do read is the Daily Muse . Today she showed some of the most incredible glass I've seen, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Take a look at these two pictures:

The squash are made by Molly Stone and the bowls are by Michael Cohn. Their studio, in San Francisco, is holding three open house weekends in October. I wish I was anywhere close to their location so that I could see some of these wonderful glass items in person.

There is something wonderful about glass. It is magical - what it will do to light when they play together. My life's art has been working with glass in a variety of forms. When I was very young, I did beading and mosaic work.
My mother was a talented artist who tried many media over the years, and everything she did, I also did. (And yes, she was a beauty when she was young.) She made a number of wonderful mosaic items. Most of those were sold when she died, but I still have a few of her smaller items. She also bead embroidered until very late in her life. She did stained glass work when I was in college. It was too bad that I was no longer living at home, I could have played with that media as well. But I love glass, and because of that love, I am pleased to have shown you the works above.
Have a wonderfully artistic and productive day. Love people, play with color, smile - A LOT.

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