Monday, September 29, 2008

Fired & Fried

Opening the kiln on Saturday morning....the ring band was flared - quirky. Hammering it back to a single plane planished the surface and made it rather interesting. I think I like this piece so far. The earrings took FOREVER to drill out with setting burs. I want to set some pink sapphires into them and resin enamel the remainder since standard enamel doesn't work with the BronzClay. The ring top didn't work out at all - I'll have to redo that and I'll saw, cut and pierce the old top to make something else of interest. I made some itty bitty circles to see how much shrinkage I got in tubes. I'll have to increase that size a lot to be able to use them for tube setting. And my minor repairs on my two lentil beads worked well (although one bead seemed to fire in a more oval shape - wierd). Everything went into the tumbler and is nice and shiny now.

Sunday we went to Ren Fest for the final day. I saw a lot of people, got stopped by several customers who were really happy to see me, and saw some wonderful outfits. I'll download the camera this week and post some pics. It was really hard to wake up this morning and realize that the magic is over again for another year. Fall is here, winter is soon to come.

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