Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ren Faire Drow

This was without doubt the most amazing outfit I saw at the Ren Fest this year. He came out on the last day for the last few hours of the afternoon, and although I took a lot of pictures, I didn't get any really great ones of the outfit. Those of you familiar with the Drow and Drizzt Do'Urden are familiar with the physical characteristics of the Drow. Those of you who are not, obviously are not nerds of fantasy, players of Dungeons & Dragons, or readers/players in the world of Eberon, etc. I happen to find this style of fantasy a great well of inspiration for my art and my life, so I guess I'm a nerd also :-))

The makeup was perfect, if he had the twin swords and if the "armour" was black, it would have been a 100% excellent outfit. As it was, he garnered lots of attention. His companion was a standard Elf, but also dressed quite exotically and they were both rail thin and tall - really fit the body image well. Great job!! I hope they will return next Fest with outfits that were as well thought-out or in these for one more Fest.

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