Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fighting Formatting

I'm happy with the basic blog look, but I can't seem to get my heading properly placed. It may be this way forever - LOL. I keep looking for gadgets to add - I'll find what I want eventually. In the meanwhile I did find two that I look at every day - the Astronomy Picture of the day and the National Graphics picture of the day. I love sharing these with other people - it's always good to get outside of your personal thoughts and concerns to look at the broader picture.

I'm looking forward to getting to the studio today. I fired some BronzClay yesterday and get to pull it out of the kiln this morning and see how it survived the fire. It's a bit unpredictable so it's rather fun to dig into the carbon and see how things look and how strong they are. I have to remember to bring my stones along with me also, since I should be able to get the settings carved out today also. Fun, fun, fun!!!!

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