Friday, September 26, 2008

Lentil Beads

So here I am, joining the blog ranks. So many people blogging, and I always have minimal time and don’t keep up with journals well. But I’m going to try and post regularly here to show the items I’ve worked on and the current projects that I’m running through.
To begin - I thought I’d put a picture of my most recent beads. These are made with BronzClay. I need to do a small and very minor repair on one of the beads at the hole where I got a small crack upon firing, but except for that - I’m actually pretty happy with them. I like the textures, the colors, and the fact that the colors actually stayed through the tumbling process. Many of the BC artists have stayed with the look as it comes from the kiln - rather rough in appearance and often very colorful. Although I enjoy the look, I tend to like a more finished and polished look for my pieces and throw them into the tumbler to get a higher polish on them.

Lentil Beads in BronzClay

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