Monday, October 12, 2020

Project Dreams - After I Learn How to Use My New Toy

It was a lovely Sunday off filled with football, some food, and lots of time spent at my loom. I think I ended the day with 8-10 threads woven in, which I know doesn't sound like a lot, but it's actually a nice chunk of time. I also worked on straightening my weft, trying to make it a totally even width - something that would have been easy on a heddle-style loom, but is much more difficult when free-handing it across a four-foot width. 

I'm peppering today's blog with photos
of several of the knitting patterns I purchased
from Interweave Press over the weekend. This
is the "Four Corners Cardigan" and I really
love the patterning. The pattern stripes 
are only two color, rather like a Fair Isle, 
so very do-able on my machine. 

DH spent the day semi-embroiled in football games, while reading a book. Dinner was Subway for take-out, something we haven't had since before lock-down, so it was a delightful treat. Since the Vikings were playing the night game, I only caught the first half, in which we were doing very well. Unfortunately, checking the score this morning, I see that we lost by a single point. What a disappointment. 

These fantastic Maghrib Vests is another design 
using two-color patterning. Having it as a vest 
makes it very easy - minimal sleeve shaping - 
although I'm pretty sure I could make sleeves 
for this if I wanted. Still, pretty pattern, and I'm 
looking forward to tackling it. 

I purchased a few on-line knitting patterns from a sale that Interweave Press was holding over the weekend. I looked specifically for patterns that would translate well from hand-knitting over to my machine, and I think I ended up with some good ones. For less than $5 each, even if I chose poorly, it won't be a disaster. They're stored in my digital folder, but I also printed out the directions for each (except for one which was a LOT of pages and I wasn't willing to spend time, paper or ink on printing it). After I get comfortable with the machine, I'll do a hat or two, then dive into some sweaters. My goal is to have at least one sweater ready for DH for next Christmas. It's a reasonable goal with a reasonable time frame. 

I thought this Mt Auburn cardigan might be a 
good choice for DH for next holiday. It's cables, 
the other thing I adore in knitwear, and it looks 
warm, but not too warm. My machine handles 
midweight yarns, but not bulky, so I can't do 
some of the bulkier sweaters. But that's OK. There 
are many yarns available in the midrange and there 
is actually a broad range of yarns that 
will work in the machine. 

If we get a lot of leaf drop over this week, I'm sure next Sunday won't be as lazy. We're waiting for our trees to shed their leaves before we start the major rake, and that's always a serious chore with all of our trees and the many yards we have (upper, side, and lower). It's getting to the end of autumn up here, and we really want those leaves up from the ground before the winter snows come. We've been caught by early unseasonable snowfalls in the past, and really would like to avoid them this year if possible. 

I liked this Cable Trimmed Jacket for myself. It 
should actually work up rather quickly for the 
body, with the only tricky parts being the cabled 
border around the front and the hood. 

On that note, I'm going to pull on a hoodie because I'm chilled, finish this up with some photos, and head up to make my oatmeal for breakfast. Have an excellent day, and please be kind, stay safe, and wear your mask. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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