Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Mercury Retrograde - We're Old Fashioned and That's Not All Bad

Today, Mercury is retrograde, and remains that way until Election Day. Ooof! It's not something unheard of, it happens three times a year. But this time we're also starting out with Mars retrograde as well. That, plus the fact that it will end with Mercury in Gemini, adding unforeseen mishaps, seems par for our course these days. But, as one report I read states, retrogrades are good for the three R's - Review, Reflect and Reassess, which is something we all benefit from. Also, apparently on Election Day, Mercury will be in Libra, and having those balancing scales will push for balance and fair mindedness. 

Mercury Retrograde offers a lot of opportunities to 
look at your life and change parts you think need to 
be altered. It's a chance to effect change. I suspect 
that by voting, we're also trying to accomplish 
change, so having Mercury Retrograde until 
the Election seems somewhat apt. 

The last time we had a Zodiacal read like this was in the 2000 election, when Al Gore won by votes, but George Bush took office. I'm hoping we won't have a repeat, but in this year of discontent, COVID, and battles over ballots and voting procedures, anything is possible. All I can say is I trust in our resilience as a people, and as a nation. I have to have faith in something, so it might as well be that. 

I'm not much of a believer in Astrology, never had a 
time of birth to be able to use for my own star charts. 
But I've followed it on and off for most of my life 
because it's fun, and the stars and planets are beautiful. 
It's no wonder our ancient ancestors came up with 
astrology when faced with the beauty and vastness 
of the Milky Way. 

Chickie and Chickie Mama are refinancing their home, getting a much better interest rate and in the long run it will save them some good money. But, it's a bit of a pain because I have to fill out various forms for their new mortgage and of course, the bank wanted everything immediately. Immediately doesn't enter my wheelhouse. They sent me an email on Friday, I responded saying they'll probably have everything by Wednesday the 14th. They phoned me at the shop yesterday, and I told them the exact same thing. I'm not rushing this. I'll probably be able to scan things in tonight and send them along, but no ... not busting my butt for this. 

I'll get the information to them, but their problem is that 
we keep our records hand-written - very low tech. That's 
too bad. I'm not going to change a system that works 
just to make a bank I'm not doing business with happy. 
My own bank and accountant have no problem with 
how we keep our records. 

Apparently the problem is that we don't use a payroll service for Chickie's paychecks, so her pay stubs don't have YTD numbers on them. Well, no. I'm a great believer in "If it's not broken, don't fix it", and even when I had several employees, hand typing their paychecks was just fine. We keep hand-written ledgers, we don't have our financial records on any computers, and we do things by hand - the old fashioned way. It works just fine for us. 

I'm a busy bee, aren't you? Of course you are! 
All of us have things on our daily agendas, and 
we do things as they crop up, to the best of our 
ability. That's how it should be. Have a 
wonderful and busy day. 

When I had my Mall of America shop, I did the payroll in Quick Books so that I could issue the checks easily, but I had a larger staff and more junk to keep track of. Once I closed my other stores, we were able to go back to the "old way" and it works just fine. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way, but I'm OK with the way I handle my business.  On that note, I'm out of here. Have an excellent Tuesday, be kind, stay safe and please wear your mask. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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