Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Phone Conversations, Licenses and Le Tour (of course)

I always know when my "day off" is crammed full of errands and appointments because I awaken to several filled post-it notes of things to remember and times to be here and there. I'm always busy on my Wednesdays, but today is unusually hectic - so much so that I won't even get the opportunity to have my usual weekly chat with Aearwen. I'll miss is, but we'll be back to usual schedule next week, so all is not lost. 

I love my weekly chat with Aearwen. I'll really miss not having
it this week, but we've been friends for long enough that we
know ... sometimes life gets in the way. We'll pick right back
up again next week. 

I have an appointment to get a "La Dee Dah" driver's license this afternoon. That's a lot of the notes I have written because I have to bring my entire history along with me to the Licence Bureau. I made this appointment more than six weeks ago - it was the first opening they had on a Wednesday. Crazy! So I'll grab a warm jacket and head out later this afternoon in quest of a Fancy-Dancy Driver's License that will stop mere mortals in their tracks on sight! (Actually, it will do amazing things like allow me onto planes.) I'll be leaping tall buildings with a single bound before you know it! 

I don't have anything quite this fancy for my tomato plants, and they
are in the last stages of bearing for this year, but I'd still like to
give them a chance as the temperatures fall. We should have one more
warm spell, and I want them to have a nice end to their bearing season. 

It's darned cold out. It didn't get quite as cold as we had feared, so we didn't blanket the tomato plants (although DH did put the container tomato into the tool shed overnight). The frost line was about 100 miles north of us. Still, it dropped down to the low 40's F overnight, and I'm shivering a little bit this morning. I'll be wearing a sweatshirt under my jacket today. 

Today we get small hills for the riders. Up and down and up and
down. We're crossing the mid-section of France heading towards
the Alps for the weekend climbs across the Big Mountains. I
can hardly wait. Still, even stages like this can result in a lot
of shifting in the ranks. Really, the time differences between
the top riders are minimal and any little thing can turn into
a catastrophe. 

It's Day 11 for Le Tour de France and at least the topography is more interesting than yesterday. Yesterday might have been flat and a bit boring, but the standings were really changed by the end of the day. I guess the boys just can't handle a day without pressure, so there was a lot of jockying around between riders in the pack. Today's profile holds more promise, however, and that makes me happy. 

On that note, I'm going to shiver my way down to the laundry room and shift the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer. Maybe just running the dryer for a while will warm me up a bit. LOL. Have an excellent day and I'll be back tomorrow ... and please, Be Kind to Others Today. It's a hard time on everyone these days. 

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