Thursday, September 10, 2020

Drivers License Sucks and Le Tour de France Update

Yesterday's appointment for a new "La-di-dah" driver's license turned into a bust. Apparently the fact that I don't have a social security card (I lost mine decades ago and since I'm self-employed, have never really needed to get a replacement) shot the process dead. I had everything else of the paperwork, but without the Social Security card, a W-2 or an SSA-1099, I couldn't get the fancy license. *sigh* I'll arrange for a duplicate SS card, I probably should have one anyway, but I think I'll get a passport instead - less effort, less money and it lasts longer. 

Apparently, not having a physical social 
security card damned me from being able 
to get my "La-di-dah" drivers license. *sigh*

I was so stressed, I sat down at my loom and did another row in my shawl. I'd show you, but really, it's a project with hundreds of threads and it's going to be very time consuming to get anywhere that looks like I'm accomplishing something. Still, I think I got four rows in yesterday between other things, so I count that as good. 

I've looked at several tall, narrow book cases 
for the inside of my narrow closet, but they 
all seem too high. I have no more than 63 inches
of height and it can't be any more than 
16 inches wide. I'll probably have to make 
something, but I'm not ready to commit to 
that quite yet. 

The majority of my day was spent cleaning. DH had been complaining that I had stacked boxes of books in front of his work station. Well ... he wasn't really wrong. The books I had pulled from my sewing cabinet were in boxes blocking one bank of drawers that contains some of his art supplies. So, I decided to clean out the small closet yesterday so that I could put the books into there. After several hours of work, I ended up with three boxes of photos and four boxes of books taking up space in the closet. I want a bookcase in there for my sewing books, but I'm not ready to commit to that yet. I want to get the storage cabinet cleaned first before making a final decision. 

I had two goals yesterday, though - cleaning the small cabinet and cleaning off the first shelf in my sewing cabinet. I didn't get to that first shelf at all. But, my sewing machine hasn't been returned from the factory yet, so I'm OK on my loose schedule. I'll make it my first priority for next Wednesday instead. 

Today's stage has a lot of ups and down as we continue 
our ride towards the Alps. We'll have mountains and 
peaks for most of the rest of the race, and those are 
always glorious to watch. Things might change with 
crashes on the flats, but the mountains are more 

In Le Tour, today is Day 12 of racing. Yesterday Caleb Ewen came up with the stage win in a well-timed and solid performance at the finish line. Primoz Roglic held onto the Yellow for another day with a 21 second lead over the next rider. Of course, those large leads can disintegrate in the mountains in a fhash. So, on that note, I'm out of here. Have an excellent Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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