Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Le Tour Is Awesome Today, and My Sewing Machine is Fixed

If you have any interest in Le Tour de France, but haven't been watching it due to life getting in the way (and the fact that it's happening in September instead of June/July), today and tomorrow are the days you want to turn on your television or watch from your computer. Today, in the Alps, we'll end on a difficult up-hill climb on a very steep slope. It's the hardest stage of the Tour this year and it's a killer of a climb. If you miss every other day, catch this one. Tomorrow it's mountain after mountain in the Alps for a serious battle on the slopes. 

Stage 17 of Le Tour de France doesn't 
have as many mountain peaks as tomorrow 
will, but just look at these peaks. Two 
beyond category peaks, with the finish at the 
summit of the second. Vicious!! 

DH spent most of yesterday working on the shingles for the third section of the woodshed. Two hours into the project he texted that he had to pull apart everything he had done because it was incorrect. That was the beginning of a messy day that only ended at almost 8:00 pm when the light was fading quickly. I'll try to get some photos of the shingling this afternoon if I can get any way to take one. Because of the location, it's hard for us to see the shingles, although out next door neighbor (a professional construction dude) told DH that his work looks very professional. Whoo-hoo! 

One-and-a-half weeks ago DH was starting work 
on the shingles. It's something he's never done 
before. He's actually learned a lot, and he's very 
meticulous in his building, but it's been very 
hard. The weather hasn't cooperated either. But 
he's almost through with the roof and this 
project is almost at an end. 

Apparently DH ran short of something he needed and did a quick hardware run in late afternoon, but he decided to just leave everything set up in the backyard and take a quick run over to Menards to get whatever it was he was short of. I have no idea what component he ran short of, but he was able to finish most of the roof yesterday and that will leave bits and pieces for Thursday or Fruday. Then he'll get the side panels on and we'll be moving wood on Sunday. Joy - I'll get filthy and far more familiar with bugs and insects of all varieties while moving logs from one part of the yard to another. Still, it's been the purpose of this structure, so I'll resign myself to getting filthy while hauling things from one place to another. 

Just a reminder of what my dear sewing machine 
looked like before I sent it off for repair (this is 
not my actual machine, but the same model). 
I'm going to be very happy to welcome it back 
home again. I'd better pick up some empty 
bobbins while I'm at the shop too, since I need some. 

My sewing machine has been returned to the shop from the factory, and I'll pick it up today. I'm absolutely thrilled that it's fixed. I still have Shelf #1 to clean, but I'll do that "en-masse" by taking everything off the shelf, then reorganizing and replacing it. I got my new wool combs in yesterday's shipping and they're in my trunk right now. They're rather dangerous, and I have to make sure I have a safe place for them, but it's one more step in returning to my spinning wheels. I hope to get at least one or two more rows woven on my shawl, too. Every chance I get, I sit down at my loom to get a bit more done. It's slow work, but I'm loving it. 

I just received my set of English wool combs yesterday. 
They are vicious and dangerous, so I need to make 
sure I have appropriate storage space for them. They're 
marvelous, something I just couldn't afford when I 
was spinning 30 years ago. But I have the funds 
now, and they are an essential tool (and they'll 
make a wonderful weapon, if needed - LOL). 

On that note, I'm heading to put the trash out and have breakfast, starting my day. Have an excellent Wednesday and I'll be back tomorrow and please, be kind to one another. 

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