Saturday, August 1, 2020

Wrapping Up January - 366 Day Meme

It's Saturday and since the forecast is rain, DH and I bundled up the woodshed in blue tarps last night to protect it from the moisture. We'll be working on it all day Sunday - lots to get done before the first unit is complete. DH worked on it all day Thursday and Friday so he's got the framework done for the cubicle, as well as the roof and the floor. Since I don't know his vision, it's all a surprise to me. I'll share more photos next week. 

I'm being lazy today, and since it is the first of August, I'm going to do the final January questions for the 366 Day Meme. That'll end one month and get me one more month's worth towards being current (probably never going to happen). 

21 What genre of books is your usual favorite when you read for pleasure?
I admit, I always have a book in hand - or to be more specific, on phone. I read romance, but over the years I've read fantasy and science fiction. I like interesting characters, good plots and dialog that makes sense. 

One of my favorite series from days gone by, which I still own and
still love is the "Dragonriders of Pern" series by Anne McCaffrey.
Brilliant storytelling and a wonderful crafted world that holds together
in a deep, multi-book series over many years. 

22 Where is one place you wouldn’t ever want to be caught dead?
I wouldn't want to be caught dead anywhere, but I would prefer to not visit most of Africa. Although it's a beautiful land, I'd rather stick to Egypt and maybe South Africa and skip the rest. 

23 How would someone who genuinely likes and admires you describe you?

I've been told I'm strong and resilient with a wicked sense of humor. I can live with that. 

24 How would someone who doesn’t really like you describe you?

I'm stubborn and pig-headed, have an inflated opinion of myself, and am superficial. Maybe I am, but I'm honest. 

25 If you had to teach a one-hour class with absolutely no prep time, what subject could you competently pull off?

If I had the equipment, I could easily teach basic kiln enameling. Without equipment, basic beading stitches, how to use color to best advantage, and/or different types of cloth and what can/can't be done with them. Probably other things too - after more than 60 years, I've developed some skills I could share. 

Like most people, I have good traits and bad ones. I'm always
being pulled in two different directions. I don't think I'm
particularly "special" for that, just human. 

26 What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while out for a meal at a restaurant?

Either spilling something on myself or getting drunk on wine/cocktails. Either one is embarrassing, and something I try to avoid. 

27 What aphorism or saying is helpful for you right now?

"One thing at a time" is my mantra. I always have too many irons in the fire and juggling them can be intense at times. 

28 What’s your favorite meme? (Post it!)

I really don't have one. 

29 What is your skin care regimen?

Simple water and soap, but kind products made for sensitive skin. I have various creams and ointments for my eczema on my hands, all prescription and all rather powerful. 

Although it can be hard sometimes, working on one
thing at a time can be extremely beneficial. I don't
always manage it well, but I try often. 

30 What song are you listening to a lot right now? (Post a link?)

I am enjoying the sound of silence - not the song, the reality. In my early mornings I don't listen to music until I get to the shop. Then I'll put on my Bluetooth earbuds and listen to a "Daily Recommended" list on Spotify. 

31 What superpower best suits your personality?

Is there a juggler? I think I juggle life between my shop, my home and my artistic pursuits fairly well, and it's NOT easy. 

So there you go. On that note, have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back on Monday. Stay safe, be well, and please, wear your mask. 

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