Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Today Will Be A Waiting Game

The old saying goes something like this: "When opportunity knocks, open the door". I had asked my primary physician for a referral to a dermatologist because it makes for a faster appointment in a very busy department. I also wanted to see an M.D. instead of the Physician's Assistant I have been seeing for the past few years. She went ahead and wrote the orders and I spent quite a while with the receptionist before getting to the next stage. No appointment yet, but pending. 

Waiting can be annoying. I don't wait well, but I always have
something I can read or a game I can play on my phone. Before
the days of cell phones, I always had a paperback book with
me at all times. If I have to wait, I might as well read the next
chapter or six ... LOL. 

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from Dr Farhat's office. They had a cancellation on Friday mid-day, would I be able to make that? No, I had to work, so I had to pass. My only day off is Wednesday, so that's the only day I can get out to their location (in one of the southern suburbs). Her receptionist checked Wednesday appointments and there was an opening at 1:15 pm today. How about that one? I jumped on it. 

There's something quite sad about this Bansky wall
decal named "Waiting in Vain". I feel very sorry for
the man who has obviously been stood up. I can only
hope the delay was due to circumstances beyond
his control. 

So today my day is filled with my usual things - laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc., but also with labs at 8:15 am this morning at my local clinic and an appointment with Dr Farhat at 1:15 pm at the Bloomington clinic. Normally it would be a 30 minute drive to her clinic ... but EVERY road I would usually use to get there is either closed or constricted because of road construction. I've spent more than half-an-hour just trying to figure out an alternative way to her office that will avoid the worst of the construction. It's going to be a total PITA, but it's necessary. She rarely comes to my clinic, although I did have a consult with her almost two years ago about my alopecia. 

This chair/bench looks very uncomfortable for a long
wait. Fortunately, the chairs in the clinic are much
easier on the back, and easy to clean and sanitize, too. 

So, my "day off" has suddenly gotten extremely busy. I'm exhausted already, just thinking about it - LOL. I hope you have a more relaxing Wednesday than mine will be. Have an excellent day and I'll be back tomorrow, and don't forget - Be Well, Stay Safe and Wear a Mask! 

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