Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sometimes My Brain Goes to Sleep

I have a brain, I know I do, but every once in a while it gets distracted and before I know it, I've made an error. Such an error happened yesterday morning when I realized, as I washed out my oatmeal bowl, that I was supposed to be fasting for labs later in the morning. Oops! Fortunately labs are an easy thing to reschedule, so I'm on repeat for today and my teakettle is pinioned with a large sign that says "Fasting" to make sure I don't repeat a mistake. I'll bring extra fruit to work with me and have a late breakfast, skipping my usual oatmeal. 

I love oatmeal for breakfast, and during fruit season, it's
even better. I indulge and sprinkle fruit on top. So good! 

After vacillating back and forth about routes to see my dermatologist yesterday, I finally decided to go FAR to the East, then to the South, and finally head West to intersect with the proper roads. It was rather like Gandalf sitting at the junction of three choices - which road to follow that would take the Company deeper into Moria and towards that high span over the chasm. Even as he did, I chose correctly (although there was no true wrong choice). The weather was gorgeous, the traffic was light, and I had an opportunity to cross the Mississippi flood plains and look at cranes and egrets. 

The Mississippi River Gorge area is also part of the south Metro area.
The Twin Cities grew up on and across the Mississippi River, and these
waters are essential to life along the river. 

After maneuvering around Mall of America - a black hole that pulls everything towards the monstrosity - I managed to get onto the proper road and arrived at my appointment comfortably early. It turns out I'm actually doing most of the right things, but we're amping things up a bit to 2X application of my prescription meds per day. If that doesn't work, she can inject small amounts of medicine into the problem areas. I'll see her again in August, but fortunately this time she'll be at my usual clinic, an easy ten minutes from my home. 

That I was able to get everything done, despite the kink in my
schedule for the day, gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment
by the end of the day. I was even able to have a wonderful,
relaxed convo with Aearwen - the time just flew by. 

I even was able to get all of my laundry done, as well as the grocery shopping and an expensive Target run - I decided my underwear was seriously in need of replacement, so purchased ten pairs of everyday underwear which, after washing, now reside in my drawer. My old underwear is in the trash - I don't really have a need for them as rags or anything similar, so I'll toss them. It's a shame that clothing isn't a recycling/compost item in my area, but since most things are, I'll cut the city some slack. 

On that note, I'm going to work at the computer for another hour, then head to work and then on to the clinic. Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy your day. Be well, stay safe and please, wear a mask. 

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