Friday, January 4, 2019

I'm Addicted to Reading

I've often said that I'm a reading addict, and as I moved my unread 2018 books onto a new listing and counted up the books I read during last year, I was a bit astounded. I guess I do always have my nose in a book! LOL. I read Nook books on my phone, and I almost exclusively buy e-books because they only take up virtual space. I guess you'll get an idea of why I insist on non-physical reading materials now. My grand total of e-books read during 2018 - 139! I also listened to more than 8 audio books, and read a variety of magazines, newspapers, and various articles (not counting surfing and researching on the internet and jumping down that rabbit hole). I've already started my 2019 TBR list of books. 

I didn't read TJ Klune's "Into This River I Drown" in
2018, I read it years ago and re-read it and re-read
it again and again. In 2018 I listened to the audio
version,  and loved it. I wept as much as the first
time I read it. 

It was a year of wonderful offerings by some of my favorite authors, and there's something so satisfying in getting a release notice about a new book in a series I've been enjoying. I have approximately 50 e-books that I carried over to my 2019 list. I already finished the first of my carryovers yesterday, starting the next in the series last night. I usually don't have that large of a carryover, so I'd better try and get caught up! 

For an outstanding audio book series, start with
"The Lightning-Struck Heart" by TJ Klune. There
are four books in the series, this is the first one,
and the rendering by Michael Lesley will have you
laughing (and crying because you're laughing
so much).  

I mention audio books because I really enjoy them too. I've learned that there are certain narrators I adore - their individual talents at separating character from character, adding appropriate sound effects, and generally making the words come alive are above the pale. Two that immediately come to mind are Greg Trembly and Michael Lesley. Both of these men are so talented, and anyone who can make the ending renditions of title, author, sound effects used, etc. interesting to listen to are talents with a capital T. 

The Broken Earth series - a trilogy - was a set
of books that I recommended to all of you last
fall. It was outstanding and worthy of the
many accolades it has been given. 

I never start the year with a reading goal - my only goals stretch to books that I know are in the process of being written, not to an end number. When I was young and my schools and local libraries did reading contests, I always won. They got to the point where they requested that I not participate "officially" so that others could win. I was pulled from a book into class roll call many times. Books suck me into their worlds and my happiest times are days when a book and I are joined in new worlds and adventures, with munchies and a beverage nearby and a comfortable place to sprawl. 

The basic story of my life since I first learned to read back
in the days of stone tablets and chisels. Once introduced to
the written word and the imaginations of authors, there
was no looking back. 

May you read something that catches your imagination today - book, magazine or audio book. May you expand your world and exercise your powers of inner vision through the words of others, enjoying that small piece of escape from the world as a whole. Sometimes escape is a necessary evil in today's tense and angry landscape. Enjoy your Friday and I'll return tomorrow. 

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