Monday, September 10, 2018

Ren and Football - Fall is Here

It was a bit cooler on Sunday this past weekend, so we dressed a bit warmer for Renaissance Festival. Instead of a light cotton skirt, I pulled out one of my velvet choices, and I grabbed my cloak because football season started today. What does football season have to do with the Renaissance Festival? That's actually a great question because football is a very modern game, and the Renaissance was a very long time ago. The only intersection of the two is at Fest on Sundays when the Minnesota Vikings are playing a day game. On Sundays during football season, the Viking bar is allowed to show Vikings games ONLY on a flat screen TV (most certainly NOT Renaissance period decor), and that's where we will be found. 

Although I really liked the corset, the bodice was slightly
too large and the hips were a bit too small. *sigh* I just
can't win. I'm certainly NOT spending this much money
on something that doesn't fit really well, and I need
a corset that I can get into on my own because DH is
totally hopeless at handling lacing. 

It was Irish weekend, but since it was cooler, DH left his kilt behind and dressed in his more standard kit instead. Of course we had to walk the grounds for a few hours before the football game began, so we spent the time doing what I hadn't wanted to spend time with last week - going into a lot of the shops and trying on various things - corsets and hats to be specific. I didn't find any cloth corsets of interest, but did try on a leather and ostrich leather fronted corset from Artemis Leather. It was gorgeous, and it actually fit pretty well, but I think it could have fit better and at the cost that's what I want. I might try one of their shorter versions during one of the next three weeks, but I may not upgrade to a new, better fitting corset this year at all. 

We're not too bad for a old couple of codgers. The
hats were cute, and DH looked pretty good in his. I'm
sure his would have fit him almost perfectly if he had
pulled off his bandana first. My hat simply looks
ridiculous. Bad style on me. 

We also wandered into a variety of hat stores because I still want a hat with a different profile. I love hats and have several, but DH doesn't like most hats on me, so his input is important. Here, I tried on the one hat and the salesclerk insisted on having DH wear one made from a matching leather. It actually wasn't a bad look on my personal pirate, but we thanked them and left them there. We can always check again. 

Usually somewhere on the Fest grounds, often near Mac's Pub, there
will be an homage to Fest and the Season in flowers and plants
placed on the ground in a decorative pattern. This Sunday's
pattern celebrated the midpoint of Fest season and the
autumn season that we were entering into. 

We also checked out swords and knives, looked at the gnarly and somewhat frightening limbs of oak trees that have already lost their leaves, and generally enjoyed a sunny, calm, early fall day on the Festival grounds. Shortly before noon we arrived at the pub to take our seats for the game and we happily watched the TV for the next few hours, cheering our team as they emerged with the victory. It was a lovely Sunday all around, and I'm hoping this coming Sunday, featuring Chocolate & Romance (and co-incidentally our wedding anniversary) will be equally nice, both in weather and in football team results. Only time will tell. 

Back to the indoor pool, now. It was wonderful to have the 50 meter pool to swim in all summer, but it's fall now, and much colder, so running in and out of the water was a challenge. Now we're back to the 25-yard pool until the end of May 2019! As they say ... "Winter Is Coming". Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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