Saturday, September 8, 2018

Labor Day at Ren Fest - Sharon's Final Photo Blog

For Sharon's final full day of this year's visit we all attended the Renaissance Festival. This annual event takes place in the late summer/early fall every year for eight or nine weekends. DH and I are season ticket holders, and on Labor Day each year we are joined by Chickie and Sharon for a walk through the Realm. We were afraid things would be muddy since Sunday had started out with so much rain at the State Fair, but the ground was hard and even though there were a few puddles, we weren't slipping and sliding. Mud at Fest really sucks - we ended up last year's season in muck that fought to pull our footwear into the abyss. This is my final photo blog for this year's visit with Sharon, so settle back and enjoy. I'll be back to my normal this and that beginning on Monday. 

Before the gates open, a variety of actors assemble on the walkway
above. Here you see (l-r) the King, the Queen, the Crown
Prince, a Lady in Waiting and the Spare Heir. 

It was a cloudy day, but no rain, and the clouds just made
it more comfortable. Chickie and Sharon found some
reasonably priced parasols (they love the Japanese steampunk
parasol that I usually carry). The decisions were
whether the black (pictured here) or a light purple
would be best. The final decision ... Chickie
chose purple, and Sharon purchased the black.
It was short enough to fit into her suitcase for the
trip back home the next day. Here, Chickie is
striking a pose. 

It was Christmas in the Realm weekend, with lots of
smaller vendors set up in Shepard's Green under tents,
selling their goods. I really loved the embroidery of
this wolf on a small pouch, but resisted purchase. This
vendor will be back again in another week or so and
I can take another look then, but I suspect I'll pass
since I really don't need another pouch. 

The petting zoo is always extremely popular with both kids and
adults. Yes, these are Lemurs, and aren't they cute? 

If you would like to feed the Lemurs, you can for only $7 per
person. The small white letters at the bottom right of the lowest
panel do state that you MUST be older than seven years to
feed the Lemurs. That seems totally logical to me. 

Those of you sharing Facebook with me might have already seen
this photo. These are two of three baby kangaroos who were in
the petting zoo. Just seconds after I snapped this photo, the
'roo on the left fell on top of the right-hand one and snuggled
in for a nap atop his brother. Silly boys! 

Many people wear costume for cosplay while attending
our Fest, although costume is never required. This
black angel was very nicely done, from the leather
corset through the horns on her head and those
sweeping black wings, she was stunning. 

I suspect all four of us were feeling rather like this
tired pooch. We had spent days walking the State Fair,
and now were walking the uneven grounds of Fest. Still,
we were having a wonderful time. We started out with
baked apple dumplings with ice cream for our breakfast,
and the coffee offered by Ratcatcher and Maid Marion's
is always stellar. Can't go too wrong! This pooch was up
and running around happily less than 30 minutes later
when we crossed paths again. 

It was cool enough for our ice walker to wander
the grounds. All of that frozen ice is extremely
heavy and not the easiest to keep balanced on
his head. I always add some cash to his hand. I've
seen him through the years, sometimes managing
to get the tower quite melted before it collapsed,
other times caught by an odd gust of wind that
destroyed it fairly quickly. 

One of the newer entertainers this year are our resident
gargoyles. They appear in various places throughout
the Festival grounds. Here they are perched
(appropriately) atop a wall. They do move, but
usually very slowly, and they will freeze into
position if they feel someone is looking at them.
Haven't you ever wondered what the gargoyles
atop your own buildings do at night? 

And that's it. Four days of festivities, food, music, celebration and catching up with friends. All in all, it was a fabulous Labor Day weekend and having Sharon come up once more to share it all with us made it even more special. We didn't see everything - I don't know if that's actually possible - but we saw a lot, we experienced a lot, we chatted, we listened, and we shared. The weight gained is already halfway gone and life is good. Thanks for sharing my days with me in my photo blogs, I'll be ready to focus on daily life again beginning next week. 

Today is my final day in the outdoor pool, it closes for the season on Sunday night. It's been pretty cold walking out and back - the morning temps have been in the mid-50's (12.7 C), but the water itself has been wonderful. I've been swimming in total darkness (except for the pool lights, of course) for the week, but today, since the pool doesn't open until 6:00 am instead of my usual 5:00 am, I'll get to swim during sunrise; a magical and wonderful thing. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. This week's Fest theme is Irish Weekend, so we'll have a good time, my hubby and I. I'll return on Monday. Be happy, be safe, spread love. 

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