Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Doctor, New Meds - a New Regime (For a While)

I got really lucky yesterday. In fact, it was a pretty good day all-around. On my way back home from opening the shop in the early morning, I stopped by the clinic to try and schedule an appointment with any doctor in the dermatology department. Of course I had no idea with whom, since everyone working in that department had been fired and replaced with new physicians earlier this year. It turned out there was a 9:30 am appointment open and I grabbed it. The doctor, as it happened, was even running ahead of schedule, so I was actually out of there by 9:30 am, prescriptions and treatment regime in hand. After a quick stop at the grocery store, I was able to start my day. 

Yesterday was a race to get things accomplished, and I
survived the day very well, despite having to make
a necessary schedule change to see the doctor
and pick up prescriptions. 

I managed to get four different jewelry repairs finished yesterday, so I'll have a lot of happy customers who will be contacted and/or emailed today. That leaves me with making a clasp for my State Fair entry, and I'll be totally caught up. I am scheduled to drop my entry off at the Fair on Sunday morning, so I guess I'd better get that clasp made. I've been a little hesitant about jumping into it because I'm using gold-filled wire, but it really isn't super expensive, just a bit above my usual sterling silver levels. 

I don't usually have much to do with prescriptions. Except
for my skin ointments, I don't have any. Now I  suddenly
have new ointments and creams as well as a pill to
take twice a day WITH FOOD. It's a new learning
curve. At least it won't be for long, if the 
meds actually do their job. 

So I'm now armed with lots of prescriptions - creams and ointments and antibiotic pills for a short while to get this flare back under control. One thing that made me feel really good is that I was doing everything right. I was using the right meds in the right amounts, I was walking that line between developing a tolerance for a medication vs using it too sparingly. It's a tightrope walk when dealing with some medications, and I've been walking it very well. 

I've been walking the tightrope of my medication - not too much,
not too little - for years now. This summer I hit a roadblock -
nothing was really working. It was time for a boost to my
immune system. 

What brought on this latest flare and why has it stayed so long? I've been fighting this since early Spring, but it's just been getting worse and worse. In my life, stress is a big kicker, and this year and next, stress will be in high gear. I'm just hoping that the new meds will get things under control once more which will push one stress point out of my current landscape. I'll be really happy if I remember the new medication regime correctly for a few days. It's a new rocking horse and I'm trying to ride it to my best ability. 

I remember riding a rocking horse when I was
a kid. I was so bummed when I grew too large
for the small, spring-suspended horse. 

Here's hoping you have a healthy and happy day. Enjoy your Thursday, I'm off to the pool. 

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