Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Crone? Me? Probably So...

I really wanted to drop by the clinic and see if I could get a quick consult with my dermatologist, but today's schedule is already so crowded that I think that's not going to work out. Maybe I'll drop by and make a quick appointment. I'm not exactly sure who with, anymore. A few months ago, an incorrect practice by one of their clinicians caused the wholesale termination of almost everyone in the department, including the head - the doctor I had been seeing for more than 15 years. 

My dermatology department was fired from top
to bottom after one person was discovered to have
been using poor procedures. I'm quite sure my own
physician wasn't this idiot, but she was a victim
of the fallout. 

It's really frustrating to see a new physician or caregiver. It's not that they are bad or incompetent or that they won't have great ideas and new things to try. It's that they aren't up to speed with my specific case and the history behind it. I'm not a great believer in re-inventing the wheel. 

I've always had problem skin, since I was a small
child. I'm allergic to everything I come into
contact with, and that's only gotten worse as
I've grown older. 

I remember, in my old biology and human physiology classes, we were taught that the skin is the largest human organ. I doubt that many of us think about that, but I think about it almost every day because my skin really sucks! Since the time I was a small child, I've had skin that reacts negatively to different fabrics, scents, textures and climates. That life on a tropical island sounds lovely, but my skin would make me move back to a dryer climate within a few weeks. 

Living on a tropical island - a dream in the back of the minds
of many. Not me. That much humidity coupled with the
the salt water of the ocean and the heat would be deadly. 

Unfortunately, the Frozen Northlands are NOT a dry climate. In the summer, we have high humidity because we have a LOT of lakes - more than 10,000 of them in the state. In the winter, those lakes freeze and our humidity drops down ... WAY down. In the winter, I have to deal with the cold, and the cold moisture of wet gloves. But the summer is a bad season for me and my hands are hurting this year. The very strong medications that have always worked for me in the past, don't seem to be working very well for me right now. I'm sure that the chlorine of my daily swim also isn't helping, but I'm NOT giving up my exercise. The rest of my body wouldn't appreciate it. 

I think I'd make a pretty good crone. LOL

As I've grown up, I've often thought that in earlier centuries, I quite probably would have died young, and in some serious pain, because of an infection that came through my hands. All it would take would be a single cut of a contaminated blade and I'd have been toast. Of course, with my luck I would have survived with gnarled hands and white hair, been accused of being a witch (probably not too far off the mark), and slain by superstitious neighbors. "Le sigh. Ces't le vie." 

Enjoy your Wednesday. I brought repairs home from the shop. I'm running behind schedule. I currently have silk stretching over my bathroom door, and will dive into an intense day of repairs as soon as I am finished with my morning errands. It's going to be a VERY busy day. The plan is to be back tomorrow, so have a great day! 

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