Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday - A Look Ahead

Happy Tuesday, all. I started the morning out thinking I was ahead of the game since I awakened at 2:45 am instead of at 3:15 am. But, by the time I got some old emails cleared up and followed up on some inquiries, I'm not ahead at all - in fact, I might be a bit behind. Can't win for losing - at least it's not snowing ... I think. 

I think that Spring is finally at the threshold. It's probable that we will have some cold and possibly a few snowpiles still around when the ACC show begins in a little less than two weeks, but that often happens. It's April, though, and Winter is being politely ushered to the exit door by Spring. She's tired of hosting the cranky old man. 

A variety of artists exhibit and sell at the
American Craft Council show which always
takes place in mid-April. Here's a piece
of jewelry by artist Lynda Bahr. She'll be
one of many artists exhibiting at the event. 

There's an exhibition going on at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) that I want to see, so I told DH that he can take me for my birthday gift. He told me to get the tickets and tell him how much money he needs to give me. I guess that's a win. I think we would have gone anyway, but I've missed the last two exhibits I wanted to see, and didn't want to miss this one. 

The MIA exhibit pulls a variety of items from their permanent
Chinese exhibits into an immersive experience. They have an
extensive collection, so I'm really looking forward to this. 

"Power and Beauty in China's Last Dynasty" brings items from MIA's permanent collection into a choreographed and sensory experience including auditory, olfactory and of course visual effects. They warn that some people who have sensory sensitivities may be affected, but DH and I don't suffer from that. 

So at least I have beautiful things to look forward to while the snow makes every attempt to linger on ... and on ... and on. It does seem like the winter that never ends, but our daytime temps are much warmer, and the quantities of snow we're getting are much less. Yesterday's overnight snow was completely melted by midday - I can live with that. Our large mountains of parking lot snow are also shrinking daily. Huzzah - Spring is on her way, even though we're actually in the middle of that season. She always takes her time here in the Frozen Northlands.  

So, in an attempt to stay ahead of myself, I'm going to plug in my photos and call this post done. Have a wonderful and fabulous Tuesday and I'll return tomorrow. 

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